Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Bark 'r Howl has been howling and barking, but in different ways.

Still busy writing the ficitional, Privately Palmer.

Time is precious, so see us at, Indiscreetly Us, or 'Like' us on Facebook, Bark 'r Howl, The Palm Beaches...until we have a chance to get back to our pack here.

See ya 'round The Beaches!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Say happy Thursday to this Texas kid, Key-Lo!!
He hangs around Sam Houston University with his human-mommy, Aleese G., runs in the park and naps!!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Taking a walk last evening we passed the Communities Foundation of West Palm where a flock of cats, were chilling! Yes, yes, I know cats don't flock, but I never go with convention, so if I want to have the flock, so be it.
You know that song about cats in a cradle and silver spoons? Well, these kitties are bad-ass, and don't need no stinking cradle. Have no idea how they feel 'bout silver spoons and the man in the moon.

I love their attitudes, they don't give a cat-paw WHO you are-just don't get into their bizz. Oh, yes-I love these kids!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


New York Fashion Week has all those skinny mannequins flouncing down all sorts of runways while celebs and hundreds of Hangers-On wearing black, sit and stare at what they won't be wearing in the near future.

Well, the celebs will be wearing the crap, but the random HO's (hangers on, get your mind out of the...nah, stay there) will be making selections at Marshalls's clearance racks, which I love!

A runway is a runway, but wouldn't you like to see one of those lanky and sullen-faced coathangers stop mid-strut and yank on the couture with their teeth...just like this little guy.

Now, THAT would be a fashion week worthy of all the hype!

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